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GWSCPA Offers Nonprofit COVID-19 Resource Webinars

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Mar 05, 2020

Kari Bedell

Greater Washington Society of CPAs

The Greater Washington Society of CPAs is the host organization of  Our members are DC area CPAs and finance professionals, many of whom are from the nonprofit sector. We know that the COVID-19 outbreak is on the minds of all nonprofit organizations, as you prepare for disruptions to your employees, operations, and outside events. We are offering two free resources below, the first of which will answer your questions about event contracts and insurance, as we are hearing from many members who are experiencing cancellations of major events and the impact that will have on their budgets. The second is a general business continuity planning session which is relevant for any business/organization trying to determine how to mitigate impact to operations from the virus outbreak.

Both of these events are free and will be recorded for later viewing. Please forward to your staff and colleagues who might benefit from this information.




COVID-19 Webinar: Legal Strategies for Nonprofit Meetings

The news around COVID-19 is changing daily and the situation seems to be getting worse, not better. What can you do now about the threat to your organization’s scheduled meetings and conferences, and what should you be thinking about as you plan for the coming year? Some questions that will be addressed during this webinar:

• Do your hotel, convention center, and other meeting contracts contain a force majeure provision that may excuse performance?

• How will the cancellation and attrition clauses in those contracts apply if you cancel an event, or if you don’t cancel?

• What are your options to try to negotiate your way out?

• If you have event cancellation insurance coverage, will it apply to make your organization whole or will it exclude coverage altogether?

Experienced association and nonprofit attorney Jeff Tenenbaum will walk you through the answers to all of these questions – and more – as he provides invaluable practical guidance and tips to help your organization navigate what is an ever-growing minefield for the nonprofit community.  

Recorded, March 10, 2020:


COVID-19 Webinar: Business Continuity Planning

During this webinar, TJ Heginbotham from Avalution Consulting will provide an overview of business continuity and how business continuity planning can help prepare your organization for a response to Coronavirus. The session will include an overview of Coronavirus, guidance on preparing for Coronavirus impacts to your business, and useful tools to assist with ongoing monitoring and decision making.

Recorded, March 11, 2020: