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Elizabeth Hamilton Foley
Nov 3, 2017

Beginning November 1, 2017 the NonprofitAccountingBasics.org website added an important new resource it its “Fundamentals” section. The Nonprofit Operating Reserve Initiative (NORI) launched its new home on the web at http://www.nonprofitaccountingbasics.org/nonprofit-reserves.

Susan Detwiler
Oct 2, 2017

What makes you different from another institution? Why are there 5 different gardens? Why 8 different homeless shelters? Why 6 different animal welfare organizations?

What are YOU?

Can you answer that question without resorting to “we are not them?” A lot of things are not them. What are YOU?

If you can answer that question, then you can lead your institution, making decisions that affirm your identity, while discarding those that are at odds with who you are and aspire to be.

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