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Amy Kriz, CPA
Nov 27, 2023

Board Composition

A nonprofit board should be comprised of individuals who have the necessary skills, expertise, and diversity to effectively oversee the organization’s operations, strategy, and risk management. When establishing or filling board vacancies, it is extremely helpful to first define what you need. When you know what you are searching for, it is easier to find. Start by creating a board matrix that lists the intellectual and other contributions your desired board should possess. This exercise will help find any gaps to be addressed.

Leslie Rothstein Zeid, CPA, MBA
Nov 13, 2023

Summer is over and event season is upon us. Whether your organization is hosting its first big gala, or you are planning an intimate event, there are some very specific accounting rules that apply to special events that you should keep in mind. We will address each specific area that your organization should consider below:

1) Ticket Sales
    Most ticket sales revenue is collected with 30 – 60 days preceding the event.

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