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A. Michael Gellman
Dec 1, 2020

A familiar scenario has played out month after month for many nonprofit organizations during this prolonged period of financial uncertainty, remote work, and virtual programs and meetings. The time has come again to pay another month’s rent for your headquarters office. Frustrated that your office space is going mostly unused, you cut the check and feel like this is a wasted expense.

Sheila Amo
Oct 29, 2020

You’re a business leader. You’ve made the pivot. Your staff is working one hundred percent from home – and successfully I might add! You’ve prioritized health & safety and you have no plans to return to the office until significant societal strides at putting COVID-19 in the rear-view mirror have been made. What you didn’t fully consider is how challenging it is to manage in the time of a pandemic and the emotional toll it would take on your workforce.

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