Nonprofit Accounting Basics

Financial Management

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Numbers

Not surprisingly, many nonprofit board members do not fully understand financial statements—despite the fact that understanding those statements is key to good governance.

A Simple, Cost Effective Way to Prevent Fraud

Each year, hundreds of nonprofit organizations are victimized by employee thefts.

About Operating Reserves for Nonprofits

"Operating Reserves":  What are they and why have them?

The "what and why" of having operating reserves are intertwined and fundamental.  In its very simplest conception, an opera

Basic Accrual Concepts

Accrual vs. Cash

Budgeting for Capital

An organization's financial plans should include budgets for operations and for capital.  Together these comprise what I refer to as an Organizational Budget.

Budgeting Practices

The budget process is the way an organization goes about building its budget.

Buy vs. Lease

While some organizations view office space as a place to house employees, forward-thinking nonprofits understand office space is a tangible extension of their missions, and a critical tool for mark

Choosing the Right Commercial Checking Account for your Nonprofit

Throughout the year, nonprofit organizations review their processes for improvement, cost savings, and areas where they can create greater operational efficiencies.

Confused About Reserves?

Reserves have been a topic long debated amongst management and boards alike. What are reserves? What’s so important about reserves? How much is enough? These are hard questions to answer.

Designing a Four Star Dashboard

In a previous article, we described the importance of including multiple internal stakeholders when selecting and implementing an Association Management System (AMS).

Establishing and Maintaining Reserves

In our article “Confused About Reserves?”, we explored different ways an organization might define its reserves.

Five Easy Ways for CEOs to Monitor Internal Controls

One of the top priorities for a not-for-profit organization's (NFP's) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the proper stewardship of the NFP's assets.

Internal Controls for Medium and Large Non-Profits-Part II

Internal Controls for Medium and Large Non-Profits-Part II, which is presented by Shawn Miller of Calibre CPAs, continues the discussion relating to controls that can be implemented to mitigate the

Looking at the Nonprofit Financing Puzzle!

If you’re like most nonprofit leaders, you may have considered or even taken steps towards evaluating financing alternatives for your nonprofit organization.

Making the Transition to an Open Office Layout

Open office plans are rapidly becoming a popular choice in many offices.

Managing Information Technology - The Case for Outsourcing

The term “outsourcing” can have negative connotations, but for many nonprofit organizations it can be an effective tool to help move the organization forward.

Measuring the Adequacy of Reserves

Over the last two months, we have explored different ways an organization might define its reserves and the importance of establishing and maintaining those reserves.


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