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Nonprofit Operating Reserves Initiative Website

Beginning November 1, 2017 the website added an important new resource it its “Fundamentals” section.

Operating Reserve Ratio

This ratio is a focused variant of the Months Cash on Hand ratio.

Outsourced Accounting Services

Outsourcing is a contract with a third party to perform services which are normally done in-house. These services typically are provided by companies who specialize in the field.

Peer Benchmarking Study on Nonprofit Investing (SONI)

Nonprofits plan every fiscal move with great caution, backed up with thorough analysis.

Phishing and Spoofing Attacks Growing Ever More Common

You know the scam; someone in a foreign country has inherited a large sum of money and needs your help to get the money delivered to them.


Creating a policy is like making a decision when you have time to be thoughtful, to do adequate research, and to consult colleagues and other professionals rather than making decisions in haste as

Preventing Nonprofit Banking Fraud!

Technology has dramatically changed how we all work, play, and use our mobile phones, computers, and i-Pads.  So, it should come as no surprise that fraudsters are using this same technology t

Program Costs to Earned Revenue Ratio

This ratio calculates the portion of program expenses that is covered by related program revenue.

Ratio: Months Cash on Hand

This ratio tells you whether the organization has sufficient cash resources to deliver its mission and pay its obligations on a timely basis. How long could the bills be paid with no new cash?

Ratios and Indicators for Small and Midsize Organizations

Selecting and calculating certain ratios and indicators, especially in trend, can tell an organization a lot about many aspects of its financial position, performance, and prospects.

Ratios: Current Ratio

This ratio tells you how many times current (within 12 months) assets could cover current liabilities. A value of 1 or better indicates that current liabilities could be covered by current assets.

Ratios: Net Working Capital

This indicator is another liquidity measure that expands to include all current (within 12 months) assets such as receivables and inventory.

Ratios: Profit Margin (Surplus Margin)

This calculation indicates by what percent revenues are over or under expenses.

Some Legal Issues to Consider When Trying to Get Out of Your Office Lease

As the financial pressures on nonprofit organizations mount and many employees continue to work remotely from home, nonprofits are increasingly examining their options for getting out of their curr

Statement of Financial Activities

Statement of Financial Activities

It used to be called the income statement, and many nonprofit organizations produce a variety of versions of this report calling it various names such as b

Statement of Financial Position

It used to be called the balance sheet.

Stewardship & Accountability

As board members and managers of nonprofit organizations, we are constantly reminded that we must be good stewards of the public trust, ensuring the resources of our organizations are well protecte

The Budgeting Process

The budget process is the way an organization goes about building its budget.

The Finance Committee and Committee Chair Responsibilities

Role of the Committee

The role of the finance committee is primarily to provide financial oversight for the organization.

The Importance of Cash Projections

It is a prudent financial practice to prepare and operate from a budget. The budget is the annual financial plan for carrying out the strategic plan and mission of the organization.

The Importance of Operating Reserves for Nonprofits

What is an operating reserve, and why does every nonprofit need to address this issue?

Three Easy Ways to Safeguard Your Church's Assets

As church members, we probably do not want to entertain the idea that the people handling the church finances could be dishonest.


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