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  • Chair, Patricia A. O’Malley, CPA, Rubino & Company
  • Judy Borsher, SCG Training & Consulting Corporation
  • Jacqueline Bryant, CPA, Tate & Tryon, CPAs
  • Christine Colburn, Payroll Network
  • Hillary Coley, CPA, Trout Unlimited
  • Outi Flynn, Board Source
  • Elizabeth Foley, Sole Proprietor
  • Eric Fraint, Your Part-Time Controller, LLC
  • Dahna Goldstein, PhilanTech, LLC
  • Bill Levis, Urban Institute
  • Enver Majid, Morgan Stanley
  • Christine Manor, CPA, Sole Proprietor
  • Shawn Miller, CPA, CFE, Calibre CPA Group PLLC

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  • Grand Junction Design, LLC

Special Thanks

  • Betsy Johnson, Retired, Center for Nonprofit Advancement (formerly Washington Council of Agencies)
  • Heather Iliff, Maryland Nonprofits
  • Stanley Berman, CPA, Global Impact

Major Content Contributors

  • John Mericsko, National Association of County and City Health Officials
  • Thomas Pollak, Urban Institute
  • R. Michael Sorrells, CPA, BDO Seidman